A Letter to Myself

I love to write letters. I love to write them for the people I love; it’s my way of showing appreciation, encouragement, love. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I am also my greatest critic. I don’t write letters of love and encouragement to myself because…that’s an unusual thing to do. Until now. I am a fantastic assistant to everyone else. So now it’s my turn.

Dear Janelle,

I hope you receive this letter with an open heart, not a wary outlook. You deserve life-giving words, and I hope I can give those to you.

I know today is hard; most days are. I know you work a thankless job with three boys so young, and I know the fruits of your labor are so hard to see when attitudes are erupting, crying is everywhere, discipline seems to bounce off the walls instead of soaking into minds. I know. But your work is not unseen. Your love is not missed. You’re their favorite person, their protector, their teacher, their hug and kiss, their listener. You mean more to them than you know. And they love you hard, mama. Trust me.

I also know that some days you feel fogged up, as though the woman you want to be, or thought you were, is missing. I know you miss the freedom, but I hope that God is reminding you constantly of your continuous freedom. You are not missing. Parts of you are not misplaced. You are changing and becoming great. Greatness is in you. You may think it’s difficult to find, or even hard to imagine, but the greatness in you is always coming forth. Even in the mundane, every day things of motherhood and cleaning and making dinner. There’s greatness in that, too. Trust me.

Although you think that you are only a minnow in a sea of writers, you have a voice for a reason. There is talent there for a purpose. Remember? God gives us these great and glorious passions so He can work. For Him! Can you believe that? Will you choose to? It will change everything about you and why you do what you do. It changes the aspects of a raging sea into a palpable, familiar lake whose waves you know are under the command of your Creator.

Open your hands. Give it to a King who loves you and fiercely adores you. You have mighty works ahead, works that are orchestrated by a God who is not afraid of all that you are capable of.

Trust me.

You are known. You are seen. Step up. Let the King give you the keys.


Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

3 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself

  1. Love this! I’m inspired to add write a letter to myself on my wild bucket list. It’s something I’ve thought of doing but have been too self-conscious to try.

    1. Juni, I definitely recommend it! It felt a little uncomfortable at first, but it brought out truths within myself that I have a tendency to bury. Let me know if you write one; I would love to read it!

      1. Cool, I’ll do it! Thanks for the encouragement. Might take a bit of time to dig deep but definitely want to do it. Will keep you posted.

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