Notes from the Week

I’ve had some writer’s block this week, which is frustrating when you’re a writer and write on a weekly basis for a self-titled blog. I realized, quickly, that God was sheltering my words for something else. I used to think it was me when writer’s block would hit. Sometimes, it is; sometimes it’s because my nose has been sticking straight up instead of down into the Word. But most times it’s because He wants to use those words for another purpose, whether it be for someone in particular, for my own processing, for prayer. So I gave them to Him. And use them He did.

It’s also been a refreshing week of lots of people in and out of our home. I normally have a maximum of a few days before the constant need and touching from my kids drives me crazy. By Wednesday night this week, I felt talked out. I had seen and talked with more people than I normally see in a week within a few days. Introversion thrives when you’re a stay-at-home mom. I count myself blessed. Beyond belief. So many people coming through our home who we get to walk life with, talk life with, and enjoy life with. That is good and holy and life-giving.

My boys didn’t drive me out of the house this week, and I got to enjoy their crazy antics, thoroughly. If it weren’t already overdone, I could write every single day about the struggles of being a mom to my boys. It’s easy to be in the struggle, to let it consume my thoughts, and to be bogged down by it. Maybe it’s the warmer weather and the return of my sanity, but I feel like I’m enjoying them better. Not worrying so much about the little struggles, but nestling into the idea that I get to struggle with them at all. Knowing their little souls just want a lot of a love and lot of guidance to Jesus and His love. I see it in my boys’ eyes some days, the reminders that in days too soon I will watch them become men, and they won’t need me like they do now. So I savor the simplicity of their need for me, and I let myself be needed.

Evan’s sister and her husband are leaving for Vancouver at the beginning of June, and we are feeling all the feels over here. God has called them to Bible translation with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and what a great and mighty call it is! We’re savoring every single bit of their presence here with us before they go, and I wanted to make sure you all knew about their upcoming journey in the months and years ahead. Prayers and support are always a help. Here is their website, with links to sign up for newsletters outlining their journey with Wycliffe, how to support them financially, and more about their hearts for this mission field: The Workman Word.

Finally, and I’m not quite sure how to lead up to this, but the other night, I totally dominated a headstand during my yoga practice. Away from the wall, didn’t waver, and held the balance like a freakin yogi, because I am one. Maybe most of you don’t care, but if you do, let me leave you with this: If you think you can’t, girlfriend, you absolutely can. It took me around five months to nail that handstand because it took me five months to build up that muscle to do it. Give it time. And practice everyday. And you will! I did. (Also, did it really happen even though I didn’t Instagram about it? I say yes. PS, I deleted Instagram off of my phone and feeling pretty rad about it. Too much perfection and preaching all up on there for me right now.)

Hope your week was solid, filled with reminders of God’s goodness in the little things. I don’t have a deep, spiritual message for you, but I do have the evidence of grace all over in the little things. He is good. Thanks for being a good, good Father, Daddy.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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