Being a Creative Whenever I Want

So some weeks, if you’ve noticed, I can crank out writing like it’s my job. (And for the sake of it, let’s just say it is, because, why not?) And some weeks, like now, I just need a break. Not a bad job.

Right now, while I’m thinking about cranking out a bunch of my soul into what I write, I just wanted to take a creative break. And talk about creativity and writing and the whole smorgasbord of standards I set for myself.

I didn’t, and most times still don’t, consider myself a creative. That seems like the wrong word for me. That’s the word to describe my husband and his business, my friends who make things, entrepreneurs, people who actually make a living off of their creativity. But me? I’m just a writer. Creative all up in my head. Getting those words out can be a whole other story.

I’ve been keen on thinking that I’ll take myself more seriously when I’m not so seriously a mother of little children, but I think that’s also a whole bucket of denial being dumped on my own head. And you know what makes me feel like I can take myself seriously? By taking a break whenever I want. Letting writing come to me like a natural current. It doesn’t always. Sometimes I write things like this to get those juices flowing. More deep, spiritual things to follow. Sorry you’re missing out in this post.

I love the idea of “know who you are and who you are not”. Who am I? God’s. A wife. A mom. A writer. I need my list of priorities to pop up throughout my day, or else I’m trying to force a whole lot of writing on days when I need to be His first. I need God first. Otherwise, the writing is like molasses. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It reminds me that when I write for only my own benefit, the words come back empty. His, wife, mom, then writer.

Today, I am not an author of many books. I am not followed by thousands. I am not renowned by many. And that makes me smile. Tomorrow could be anything. I love that limitless factor of my God.

Know who you are. Know who you are not. Let it be. (Singing The Beatles?)

I’m Janelle. His, wife, mom, and a writer/occasional creative.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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