Over the weekend, I had the great opportunity to go to the Belong Tour with my friend Sara. We have 5.5 boys between the both of us, so getting a 36-hour trip away was a little bit (nope, a lot a bit) of a dream.

I’ve written about Sara in the past, and I do so because we’re truly running our races right next to each other.

Conferences are so good for the soul, and they ignite fires where they have burnt out. It was an opportunity for us to be fed. We were there to receive the wisdom of authors and speakers who have gone before us and worked the hard work. Women who have gone down the paths Sara & I seem to find ourselves heading towards. Women who want to pour into other women.

We learned to acknowledge that God has not created throwaway qualities within us. We learned to stop minimizing what we’re good at. We learned we’re not in charge of success or outcomes, but we’re in charge of our obedience. And we learned to run in our lanes, the ones God has for us. And Sara & I learned we’re running in our lanes side by side.

I think often of how I need to keep my eyes on Jesus, the Prize. Not looking to the right or to the left, ignoring what everyone else is doing. I think so much on it, that I consider hunkering down, putting on blinders, drowning out everyone else so I can see Him better. But then I miss the people around me, the people who are running their lanes right beside me. It doesn’t mean comparing myself to them. It doesn’t mean running out of my lane to join in theirs.

I think running in my lane without anyone around would be difficult. It would be a lonely race. But running in my lane with all the people I know who are running in lanes just like me, right beside me? It’s like running with a cheering squad. There is motivation in seeing the people who have such similar callings running hard, fast, strong, full of faith. Truthfully, it doesn’t mean comparison disappears. But that’s why we stay in our lanes, that’s why the vision of glory with Jesus must remain the goal. When we focus too long on watching those around us, we lose it. So we stay in our lane, we fix our eyes again, we run together hard, fast, strong, full of faith, and see the glory waiting for us.

I am grateful for women who pour out what they know and have seen into women who are hungry for the wisdom. I am grateful for the people around me who are running in lanes just like mine. I am grateful life is sweeter because people like these are on my team.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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