Life Update

Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve had a life update for you. Talking at you can be fun, but only if you’re listening. Talking with? So much better. Let’s just talk life.

A few weeks ago, Evan and I were talking about things. Life things. Business things. Writing things. Before I dive into it, I just want to fess up that it’s funny to think about a time when we weren’t such huge fans of our big dreams. Evan worked a full time job that stunk. I hung out with the kids all the time. Two great, fruitful things. But I’ll say it now and I will say it for the rest of my life:  the day he lost his job was the day everything changed for us, in the best way. The hardest way? Absolutely. But I am praising God. Over and over and over. When you’re in the thick of questioning how bills will get paid, it is hard to see the purpose for all of it. Being on the other side, man, yes Lord. You did us so good by giving us trials.

So we were talking things, things as in our big life dreams and goals. And we both agreed:  we are just on the edge. Like riding a roller coaster, we’ve reached the top of a really big hill, and things are about to go quickly and sharp turns are coming, and we just feel the anticipation building. We knew that God had something significant coming our way.

  • Serving in the junior high ministry at our church has been so awesome. It challenges us daily, and we love those kids. So much. Getting to teach them is an honor.
  • Evan is busy working, and yes, Lord. Praise You for making a way that is lined with great people, new friends, and incredible opportunities.
  • I am writing constantly, and Lord! You’re outdoing yourself in me, and I am thankful. I am letting Him do work in me that I stifled for so long! If you’ve got a thing, a thing you aren’t sure how it will work or if it will work, let Him do it. Let Him work. He does it well and steadfast, and He will not fail to fulfill the work in you until it’s complete.
  • I have found my women, and Lord knew, they are all over the place. In so many places at my church. In places on the Internet. Here. At Target. Lord, thank you for all these women. Thank you for bringing me the ones who know me, get me, push me, call me up. Praise You for doing a work in them and a work in me, together. Ladies, I love you all.
  • He’s pushing me to dream big, huge. Massive. Bigger than I can understand, and in ways that make me extra scared. I start to question the logistics, and it’s in those moments that I know the dreams are right. They’re so big I can’t even put them to logic? Oh boy, yes Lord. Let’s make those happen, because those are the ones where You do a work that is out of this world.

This fall has been crazy and busy and glorious, and in all of it, I want to just get to my knees. Lift my hands. He is such a good God.

Our boys are growing, Finn is certainly not a baby anymore, even though I call him Baby Finn every day. Liam loves school, has learned so much already, and is absolutely an artist. He draws new pictures every day. I know this does not come from me, because my artistic ability is horrid, but that’s not the point. This year I created a private Instagram account just for their artwork. I can’t keep everything, but I take a picture of just about everything they make or draw, and I’m planning to get a book made each year. Plus, because it’s private, only family follows, and it’s so fun being able to share with them what we’re making each day.

Asa… my sweet boy. He was my rainbow baby. He’s now such a sweet, funny, kind, and social boy. He’s always twirling my hair, telling me he loves me, snuggling me close in the morning. He loves so hard, and I just want to hold him forever. He’s smaller than his little brother, and his kisses are top notch.

Next week I turn 26. Thoughts on this: closer to 30, I sound old now, who cares about being 26?, I’m actually still 18 right because what. I am 26? Twenty-five proved to be my favorite age. I felt like I found myself. And now 26…I cannot wait to see what the year holds. Big things are coming. I feel that in my bones.

We are so blessed. I wish I could show everyone a window into the past two years just so I could give them proof that God fulfills His promises. Always. His promise to make Evan a freelance designer? Done. His promise to make me a writer? Done. His promise to provide for us even when we didn’t see the money? Done. His promise to grow us closer? Done. His promise to grow us as parents? Done. His promise to never leave us, especially when it’s hard and even when it’s easy? Done. Done. Done. He does not fail. We are never not blessed.

God get’s all the glory. I’m here because He is good. Yes, Lord. Thank you for this life.


Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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