The Call of This Wild

Day after day I decide my approach, my knack, my fear. I give pleasantries to my worries and anxieties and head out the door for another day, another time, another downtrodden walk toward what feels monotonous and obtuse all at once. There is much to be frustrated, angry, bitter about. There is much that makesContinue reading “The Call of This Wild”

Quarantine Diary: The Fear

So here’s the thing. We’re all afraid of something. A pandemic is revealing. And whether you like it or not, I think our fears reveal a lot about ourselves. Like, for instance, the fear of a virus. Or the fear of dying. The fear of isolation. Naming our fear takes guts and humility. More fears?Continue reading “Quarantine Diary: The Fear”

Blades of Grass

A thunderstorm rumbles above me. The ground is thirsty; the grass has turned a hard brown and crunches beneath your feet. It has been too long for the rain. I can only imagine how the blades will be revived in the morning in the morning dew. In Indiana, the first sounds of a lawnmower signalContinue reading “Blades of Grass”