Contrary to Popular Belief

There was one summer when I was teenager when I loved roller coasters. It was on a trip to Holiday World to Santa Claus, Indiana when I rode roller coasters more in two days than I ever will for the rest of my life. I even rode with no hands because that’s the kind ofContinue reading “Contrary to Popular Belief”

Rooted Mondays: In His Wake

I started reading the Psalms when I began studying 1 Samuel. It seemed fitting, to read David’s story while also reading his laments and praises to God from his perspective. This morning I woke up wrought with frustration. My two oldest boys were in the other room yelling loudly while playing with their Legos, andContinue reading “Rooted Mondays: In His Wake”

When Voices Are Loud

I have rewritten this several times because I just can’t seem to get the words right. I return here a little less filtered. Over the past week, I’ve had my eyes glued to my phone. Haven’t we all? I can’t stop reading news stories or refreshing my Twitter feed. I’m not an openly argumentative person.Continue reading “When Voices Are Loud”

Second Chances

I’m really thankful that no one can hear the thoughts that bounce around in my head. Sometimes my face gives me away, but I can act differently than I’m thinking. I can slander someone in my head and say something out loud that only sounds like love. It happens when I’m scrolling through Facebook. ItContinue reading “Second Chances”