Palms Up

“Ask nothing unless you ask your own heart how much love it holds for Me.”

Shouldn’t this change just about everything about the way we live our life?

Don’t ask for a single thing unless that one thing loves God.

A few weeks ago I began spring cleaning my house (and I still haven’t finished, but I’m just considering this an extended break..) and I was floored by all the stuff we had. The stuff we still have! We keep so many little things that remind us of a few memories, trinkets that really should just go in the trash but make us a little nostalgic. It makes me hear whispers on my heart of how good eternity will be compared to this place, where we reminisce about good memories of our childhood spent on earth, yet we have this majestic time coming when we will be enveloped at all times in the greatest, most glorious place. So many things, so many little whispers of our past that we will never have again. I long for a time when my soul is wrapped up in the unshaken joy delivered by Redeemer, looking to Him face-to-face.

I give my stuff away with a closed fist. I am sentimental. I give away money in the same way. I look at what we have and consider what we can “spare” for the church, the needy, the orphaned, the widowed. I heard somewhere some time ago this great, great way of looking at our stuff:  Rather than asking how much we should give, maybe we should be asking how much we should keep.

Say what. That statement changes my heart every time I read it, think it, say it. That is living with open hands. I like our stuff. I like my sentimental side, looking through old things and reminiscing about a time when. But y’all, it’s just stuff. That isn’t easy to say, it isn’t even easy to think. But it’s just things, things that will lose every bit of luster on the other side with our Maker. Things that tie us down to a world that we don’t belong to. Things that bring our focus to life on earth and away from eternity in heaven.

So take a step with me and live with palms up. Rather than expending energy on how much of whatever should be given away, consider all that you have. And consider just how much of it you should keep.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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