Living in Grace: Surrender

I’ve been mulling this topic over in my head throughout the week, trying to find out what this truly meant for me. For my soul. What is standing between me and surrendering? 

Everything. Everything.

I make plans, constantly. I have ideas I’d like to see come to fruition. I have places I’d like to go. People I would like to see. A better version of me that I would like to become. My mind is in a thousand places at once, planning potential outcomes, reactions, and back-up plans. I like rules and following them; routines and consistencies; familiarity and comfort. I enjoy moments when I have partial control over them. I feel content wrapped up in my plans, my plans, my plans.

It’s everything.

What stands between you + surrender? Or, who stands there?

My idea of faith, for so long, consisted of a belief in God without the challenge of a soft heart, a willing soul, and surrender. It was a weak interpretation of taking up my cross and following Him. It is a work in progress.

Living in grace is pushing against a current that only wants to take you the other way. It is fighting a “norm” that is embraced and finding a path higher, greater, and richer. It takes surrender. And I know, you’ve heard that before. I know that you think I’m preaching to the choir. I know that this is just another “thing” that the Christian life is about that seems like a liitttle bit of a stretch. I know. This is the modern-day, isn’t it? We’re different people now. Right?

Friend, I am with you. I am part of the richest people on this planet. I live among them. I have nice things. I have enough food. I drink clean water. I have money to spend and give away. I have more than enough. And to surrender this all is daunting and seemingly stupid.

What is your Creator saying to you? Surrender is incredibly personal, something that may require more than we think we can handle. It is what brings us to the feet of our King in true awe. It is what softens our hardened, calloused hearts and awakens our deep longing for a gracious God. It is a catalyst for true, joyful life. And it is a push into grace, into refreshing, crisp waters. It softens us to the Spirit so that we can have eyes to see and ears to hear.

For me, it means giving up my plans and embracing the joy that resides in God’s love for me, for He does everything with the intention to bring me closer to Him. He works on my behalf so that I may see Him. Not just know Him. Not just want to know Him. To see Him. To love Him. To praise Him fully for what He does for me day in and day out. I want to be in that place where my eyes are fixed surely on His promise. I want to be swallowed up in grace.

So, what about you?

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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