Plus One

I’ve been talking a lot about grace over the past few weeks because I’m longing to learn how to lean into it rather than away from it. I’m trying to learn how to give myself grace just as my creator has done for me. I don’t always give myself enough room to breathe, enough space to be imperfect because I am often striving for perfection. I am longing to rest in grace, for it envelopes me in a love that surpasses all understanding.

…Which leads me to announce something that I didn’t think I would be announcing for quite a while. We are expecting a third, sweet little Delagrange baby! We are just as surprised over this news as those who we’ve already told. Part of me feels completely overwhelmed, and the other part is still in a little bit of denial. That’s where leaning into grace falls into play.

I’m not expecting everyone to jump for joy along with us because I know some will think we are just insane. And I don’t expect everyone to think we’re totally insane because we are crazy blessed with so many people who love us. But this does come at a time when I feel unprepared.

Above all of that, we are asking for any prayers you could send our way. This pregnancy will not be a breeze. I have a hormonal imbalance which keeps me from properly producing enough progesterone, which is essential to maintaining a pregnancy. More than anything, we long for our family & friends to know this news so that myself + this baby may be covered in prayer. We are filled with joy, but we know the reality of the situation.

Although I feel unprepared, scared, and overwhelmed, I see the greatness & purpose in this already. God is big, great, and glorious. I’m giving myself grace here because I know this will not be a perfect journey.
But it will be filled with glory.


Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

8 thoughts on “Plus One

  1. Oh my, Janelle, congrats to your family!!! I will pray for you as well as have our Moms Group pray for your pregnancy health. I am happy to know that with Dr. Stroud, your care will be in great hands! It is tough sometimes to hear negative comments, but just remember to put your trust in the Lord as you always have! Congrats again!!!!

  2. Congratulations! ! You are a wonderful young lady and mother. .you and your entire family will remain in our prayers♡♡

  3. Congrats to you guys! Just wanted to say I have progesterone issues as well which led to a miscarriage in the past and Dr. Stroud has been an amazing care taker as he is super knowledgable about those issues but you probably already have a good dr, just wanted to recommend him. He’s a Christian and just amazing in so many ways.

    1. Lydia, Dr. Stroud has been my doctor since I gave birth to Liam! If it weren’t for him, I would’ve suffered a loss with Asa. I supplemented with progesterone injections for most of that pregnancy, so we are continuing the same regimen this time. He definitely has saved us from a lot of questions and potential miscarriages. I agree, he is amazing in so many ways! I don’t think I could do a pregnancy without him! 🙂

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