Eleven Days with Rosie

Eleven days ago, my life got sweeter. Babies change everything. Having babies changes us, our lives, our other kids, our hearts. Eleven days ago I was so tired and physically spent. I struggled for the last few weeks of pregnancy to be optimistic. All I wanted was to eat ice, crawl out of my own skin, and sleep. Pregnancy is hard enough; pregnancy the fourth … Continue reading Eleven Days with Rosie

The Story of Five

It’s shocking when the first month of your newborn baby’s life is over. It is a hard season, one that feels eternal, but is so short. And here we have a 6 week old who sleeps better than my older two ever did and nestled right into our life as though he’s always been here. He came into this world slower than I was expecting, a labor that lasted longer than any other I’ve had. But he was so perfect. And fat. 8 lb 14 oz of rolls and cheeks. Our Finn.  Continue reading “The Story of Five”

Plus One

I’ve been talking a lot about grace over the past few weeks because I’m longing to learn how to lean into it rather than away from it. I’m trying to learn how to give myself grace just as my creator has done for me. I don’t always give myself enough room to breathe, enough space to be imperfect because I am often striving for perfection. I am longing to rest in grace, for it envelopes me in a love that surpasses all understanding. Continue reading “Plus One”