First Day, Tired Eyes

I’m never going to sleep again. It always felt that way. The next day, the first day, was always a day heavy with tired eyes because I never slept well the night before. When I started having kids, I rarely thought about the first day of school because it was far enough away that IContinue reading “First Day, Tired Eyes”

Good & Faithful: The Mission of Motherhood

I’ve been looking in the rearview mirror of my minivan, right into my sons eyes. I love him so much it hurts, know what I mean? So much so that we fight daily. The rearview mirror in my minivan gives me the perfect view of my oldest son. He didn’t used to sit back there.Continue reading “Good & Faithful: The Mission of Motherhood”

Like Vines: IT’S A GIRL

“It’s a girl.” I was laying there while the technician rolled over my belly with the ultrasound probe, my hands on my forehead, my mouth hanging open. She typed it onto the screen while she highlighted exactly how she knew. I waited for the tears to come, because hadn’t I told a myriad of peopleContinue reading “Like Vines: IT’S A GIRL”

Notes on Being a Mom Today

I know you all love a good post about parenting, raising boys, and “tips” that I can throw at you. But today, I just want to note the parenting of late. This week, my oldest had his first day of school. When I arrived to pick him up, I saw him sitting his seat, payingContinue reading “Notes on Being a Mom Today”

Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s

This post originally appeared on my friend Chris’ blog Millenial Evangelical back in June 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in our small bathroom in our one bedroom apartment in the early hours of July 4th. We had been married for three months, living blissfully with all of our secondhandContinue reading “Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s”

Some Days

Okay, today: rough. I’m talking, I-might-be-throwing-tantrums-with-my-kids rough, because goodness. It is hard to love your kids when they want to defy your authority, begin climbing on top of everything (FINN), talk back, ask the question “Why?” 50+ times a day, or just want a whole lot of energy from me. Some days I just longContinue reading “Some Days”

Raising Men: 3 Reminders

“You are outnumbered!” Yes, that’s me. I am far outnumbered by all the boys in my house. It’s just me and our dog Daisy: the reigning females. Being a mom of boys means a lot more to me than just the idea of dancing with them on their wedding day (commence the bucket of tearsContinue reading “Raising Men: 3 Reminders”