Swaying in the Dark

I realized the other night that it’s been nearly 15 years. I remember the night like it was yesterday. The memory of it is sweet and breathtaking. I thought of it again this evening while I swayed back and forth with my baby girl in my arms. Will a day like that come upon you,Continue reading “Swaying in the Dark”

A Worshipful Life

“Look at this!” “Uh huh, cool.” “Mom. Mooooom! You didn’t see!” I look up, because he’s right, I didn’t see. I was just saying something to appease him for a moment while I finished reading an article. My thumb has frozen over the screen, and I put it to the side so I can reallyContinue reading “A Worshipful Life”

Good & Faithful: The Mission of Motherhood

I’ve been looking in the rearview mirror of my minivan, right into my sons eyes. I love him so much it hurts, know what I mean? So much so that we fight daily. The rearview mirror in my minivan gives me the perfect view of my oldest son. He didn’t used to sit back there.Continue reading “Good & Faithful: The Mission of Motherhood”

Notes on Being a Mom Today

I know you all love a good post about parenting, raising boys, and “tips” that I can throw at you. But today, I just want to note the parenting of late. This week, my oldest had his first day of school. When I arrived to pick him up, I saw him sitting his seat, payingContinue reading “Notes on Being a Mom Today”

Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s

This post originally appeared on my friend Chris’ blog Millenial Evangelical back in June 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in our small bathroom in our one bedroom apartment in the early hours of July 4th. We had been married for three months, living blissfully with all of our secondhandContinue reading “Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s”

Motherhood Right Now

I’m trying to write. But I also have a four year old who has asked me three questions in the time it has taken me to open my browser and begin typing. I’m asked questions, told stories. I’ve heard the same sentences over and over, because my boys have a tendency to believe that IContinue reading “Motherhood Right Now”