The Makings of a Great Mom

I walked over to the kitchen sink to get some water and saw all the dishes there. They rudely reminded me how crappy the day felt. How terrible I must be to not get the dishes done before my children were in bed. My children who were being loud in their bedroom while they should’veContinue reading “The Makings of a Great Mom”

In the Trenches

It was a rainy day. I watched over the balcony as the rain fell over the mountains, and I looked down at the exact door I walked through over five years ago on our honeymoon. We had a perfect view of the room we stayed in. It felt a little surreal to see it fromContinue reading “In the Trenches”

I Have Three Kids, I’m an Expert

…Right? I wish. More like, “I have three kids, I care less about most things.” Should I give you examples of what that looks like? Do you care? Doesn’t matter, I’m sharing. I let my boys play with stupid junk, like the green stoppers they put in your Starbucks cup to keep it from spilling.Continue reading “I Have Three Kids, I’m an Expert”

The Postpartum Funk

It’s been a long four months. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have any kids, sometimes even harder to explain to those who are years outside of first having kids. I got in a funk this time after having a baby. I’ve had three babies, three totally different experiences in parenthood. For someContinue reading “The Postpartum Funk”

Nothing & Everything about Parenting

I like to know where I’m going. Like when I’m following directions, I know my next four turns before they arrive. Preparation. No surprises. In other words, the exact opposite of parenting. Last night I laid in bed planning out the next year for Asa. His bedding, clothes, haircut, things to buy. And then myContinue reading “Nothing & Everything about Parenting”

What a Mom Wants

I’m preaching to myself today as much as anyone else. This week has been rough, despite the great celebrations of my son’s first birthday and the discovery of a third boy entering our family soon. But guys, let’s be real, the devil never rests, so I’m speaking Truth a little louder for you & forContinue reading “What a Mom Wants”