Two Statements for 2018

Friends, I am really excited for this year. You are too? Yeah? No? I’m excited for reasons you might not expect. Last year, I tried serious goal setting for the first time. I was ready to make things happen in my life that I had pushed to the wayside for too long. And I totally.Continue reading “Two Statements for 2018”

The Welcome Spaces of My Life

“Oh Lord Jesus.” I rubbed my forehead as the words came out. How many times have I raised my voice today? How often do I have to correct them before they finally get it? Sometimes the best I can do is saying those three words. Sometimes prayer doesn’t come naturally, and all I really wantContinue reading “The Welcome Spaces of My Life”

Fighting for Eternity

I used to be a really good liar. Well, maybe not a “talented” liar, but I was a habitual one. I would lie about being sick, so I didn’t have to go to school. I lied on AOL Instant Messenger about my age. Eventually, a lie would come out of my mouth, and the tasteContinue reading “Fighting for Eternity”