Gracious Space & Honest Thoughts

For the first time ever, I felt like I needed to do it all. And if I couldn’t do it all, then I should probably give up. This time last year, I was excited about the headway I was making in my life. I set goals that I accomplished over time, which was exciting after a long season of pregnancy and babies. I found myself … Continue reading Gracious Space & Honest Thoughts

2016: What Worked & What Certainly Did Not

You may remember back in November when I wrote about my constant eye twitching. I tried to relax a bit, sleep more, and give myself space to rest, but truthfully, none of those things really happened. I had a twitch in my eye up until Christmas Day. Yesterday, I got real with myself. I decided I needed to sit down and evaluate how 2016 was great … Continue reading 2016: What Worked & What Certainly Did Not

December 5 – Janelle’s A Mess

I went into this year more excited than ever. But right now, I feel like I’m hobbling to whatever finish line we’ve got here. With my hair in a ponytail that resembles a bird’s nest, holding my aching sides, looking around waiting for someone to just grab me a wheelchair. Where is it?! Why hasn’t anyone brought me a wheelchair? When I was in high … Continue reading December 5 – Janelle’s A Mess

2015: Being Fearless in My Terror

A couple of weeks ago, I told a friend that I don’t normally make goals, mostly because I’m afraid of not achieving them. And I have a tendency to lose sight of the goal itself, becoming far too intertwined with the circumstances of life. But this year I’ve changed that, hoping that I can maintain focus. It may be the extreme nesting instinct brought on by pregnancy, but I’m feeling super motivated, so I’m rolling with it! (Because I probably won’t feel quite as motivated come April.) Continue reading “2015: Being Fearless in My Terror”