What 26 Looks Like

When I was in my early 20s, I was pretty certain I had myself figured out. Like, I knew I was not a big fan of wearing flats. I also knew great food made my soul happy in so many ways. Writing was my hobby. I was actually pretty good with babies, considering I had three of them. I figured out how to decorate my house. I mastered the art of cooking a good casserole, and sometimes making something up. I also learned how to make a successful roux that didn’t leave clumps of flour. (I’m still proud of that.) I learned how to be a mom, a wife, and an adult.

The day I turned 25, I remember, felt like a turning point. I bought a new pair of booties that still make my feet happy today, I colored my hair (which resulted in me finding a better hairstylist), and I spent an incredible day being pampered, loved, and celebrated over.

What I didn’t know about this past year:

  • I would master a headstand.
  • I would cut off half of my hair, and then shave the side of my head.
  • I would become the writer I dreamed of.
  • I would open my arms to community and gather people in.
  • I would feel free, in more ways that I thought were possible.
  • I would actually floss everyday.

Looking back, I like that girl in her early 20s. She was figuring it all out. She was learning about babies. She was learning to serve her husband. She was learning who God said she was, and she was learning to believe Him.

I didn’t change the world this year. I still can’t find all of my abdominal muscles. I don’t make up recipes because duh, Pinterest exists. I haven’t mastered the wheel pose in yoga. So what?

Twenty-six looks like this:

  • Brushing & flossing everyday, as well as washing my face twice a day. No biggie, you probably don’t care, but if it’s all I get around to each day that is just for me, I’ll be happy.
  • Owning and introducing myself as a writer. Always a stay-at-home mom, but let’s add to the title, yeah?
  • Boldness. Befriending other women.
  • Digging deep in the Bible. Memorizing scripture.
  • Saying yes to more of the things I’m scared of. Not doing too much, but doing with intention and even bravery.

Twenty-five was the best year. Twenty-six, I’m comin’ for ya. I’m excited to do the things I’ve always been scared to do.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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