When I Rise

I woke up this morning at 5:45, worried. I laid in bed feeling defeated already, when this day hadn’t even started. The past week and a half I have been trying and trying again. In public, things are awesome! In the privacy of my home where chaos and tantrums ensue, I am exhausted. But it’s moreContinue reading “When I Rise”

Backtracking, Metaphorical Walls & Eternity

The year 2015 has been good so far. I set goals, business was well, I had energy. And then I hit a wall, and I’m still trying to recuperate from that one. I’m not really one for getting stressed out or letting it get to me. It takes a lot of chaos and uncertainty toContinue reading “Backtracking, Metaphorical Walls & Eternity”

In the Cold

We’ve lived in our house for about three and a half years. It has served us well in that time. Except for our furnace. Our never reliable, older-than-snot furnace. I’ve cried more than I would like to admit over this appliance. I know it well:  the sound it makes when it isn’t working right, theContinue reading “In the Cold”

Pep Talks

Before Evan & I got married, we took part in some pre-marital counseling with a pastor. It was an awesome experience (of what I can remember. These days, I hardly remember anything from the day before.), and I still think about the things we discussed back then. We took a personality assessment of sorts, andContinue reading “Pep Talks”

Pregnancy Update: Servanthood

This weekend was not the best one. I spent an uncomfortable amount of it sick, while Evan took care of me. I hope he gets special recognition in heaven for loving me so well; the past two years, he’s spent some serious time nursing me back to health through three pregnancies. My jaw drops inContinue reading “Pregnancy Update: Servanthood”

2015: Being Fearless in My Terror

A couple of weeks ago, I told a friend that I don’t normally make goals, mostly because I’m afraid of not achieving them. And I have a tendency to lose sight of the goal itself, becoming far too intertwined with the circumstances of life. But this year I’ve changed that, hoping that I can maintainContinue reading “2015: Being Fearless in My Terror”