The Old Testament & Redemption

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading through the book of Isaiah. Old Testament books always take me longer to get through, and honestly, I tend to skip over things that I don’t want to read about. (Genealogies, anyone?) I used to read very intentionally and spend time studying verses by paragraph, journaling throughContinue reading “The Old Testament & Redemption”

Like a Tree

Last night we were driving around our city looking at houses. We like to dream about what the future holds for us, and sometimes that involves looking at houses we can’t move into. I mean, why not, right? We had just finished up at Target, it was only 7:30, and we needed to kill timeContinue reading “Like a Tree”

Riches: Looking Back

I remember a day not too long ago when I felt like the world was falling all around us. We were in the beginning days of my husband working for himself, and I was skating on thin ice when it came to emotion and faith. I doubted a lot, and I was fearful most times.Continue reading “Riches: Looking Back”

Tantrums and Triumphs

“I can’t do it, Mom.” My oldest turned three a few days ago. He’s just recently started telling me, “I can’t do it.” He will give up easily when it comes to puzzles or putting his socks on his feet. He tells me, sometimes even cries, that he just can’t do it. He’s frustrated, and IContinue reading “Tantrums and Triumphs”

Backtracking, Metaphorical Walls & Eternity

The year 2015 has been good so far. I set goals, business was well, I had energy. And then I hit a wall, and I’m still trying to recuperate from that one. I’m not really one for getting stressed out or letting it get to me. It takes a lot of chaos and uncertainty toContinue reading “Backtracking, Metaphorical Walls & Eternity”

The Greatest Adventure: Our Life

Seven months ago when my husband lost his job, he jumped feet first into his own graphic design business. It’s the scariest/best thing we’ve ever done. The client base, however, wasn’t quite there and the knowledge about small business anything wasn’t there either. We walked blind, open arms, trusting the One who called us.