Two Years, Seven Months

I was making soup while I cried. My boys were running around behind me, my husband working steadily on his work, and I wanted to throw the pan across the kitchen. “Why does this always happen to us?” I asked. I concentrated on the butter as it melted in the pan, disappearing into a yellow puddle. In my fury, I willed myself to concentrate on … Continue reading Two Years, Seven Months

The Old Testament & Redemption

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading through the book of Isaiah. Old Testament books always take me longer to get through, and honestly, I tend to skip over things that I don’t want to read about. (Genealogies, anyone?) I used to read very intentionally and spend time studying verses by paragraph, journaling through it, and praying over the words. I don’t do that … Continue reading The Old Testament & Redemption

Forty Weeks

Forty weeks ago I became pregnant. I cried when I found out because, in all honesty, I didn’t feel ready for another baby. I wasn’t ready to give my body up yet again within four years. But things change, like when the scariness of it weathers away and baby kicks become persistent, the miracle of a baby becomes a whole lot of joy and lot less fear.  Continue reading “Forty Weeks”

The Greatest Adventure: Our Life

Seven months ago when my husband lost his job, he jumped feet first into his own graphic design business. It’s the scariest/best thing we’ve ever done. The client base, however, wasn’t quite there and the knowledge about small business anything wasn’t there either. We walked blind, open arms, trusting the One who called us. Continue reading “The Greatest Adventure: Our Life”