The Greatest Adventure: Our Life

Seven months ago when my husband lost his job, he jumped feet first into his own graphic design business. It’s the scariest/best thing we’ve ever done. The client base, however, wasn’t quite there and the knowledge about small business anything wasn’t there either. We walked blind, open arms, trusting the One who called us. Continue reading “The Greatest Adventure: Our Life”

Surviving vs. Thriving

“You’ve just gotta do it. You don’t think about it, you just go.”

That’s the answer you’ll get from us when you ask about the business my husband runs. Contemplating that thought today, I realized that it’s really how we go about everything in our life.

Another boy, phew, congratulations! You’ll have your hands full!
A graphic design business! Wow! That’s great!
So, how are you? Is everything going okay? How are you doing this? 
Continue reading “Surviving vs. Thriving”

New Chairs

I used to play a lot of soccer back in my day. And by that, I mean I played soccer pretty seriously in middle school. I wasn’t too bad, you know, not exactly the star player by any means. But I really loved it. I planned to play throughout high school, too, but I gave up on that soon after I began summer training the summer before my freshman year of high school. I remember my dad sitting me down and talking to me about quitting, that I shouldn’t just quit something “just because”. Which makes sense, you know? He cared and still cares a lot about my well-being, something that I am grateful for a tenfold. Continue reading “New Chairs”