First Day of School

This week, it happens. The first day of school thing. I’ve been excited for my son for weeks, up until last week when it became real, and we got to see his class. Part of me wanted to run with him and his little brother out the door. The other part of me committed immediatelyContinue reading “First Day of School”

Birthdays & Growing Up

I’m not sure why time has to be such a jerk sometimes…but this week I get to celebrate my oldest son, who is turning four. I can’t believe it! Four years of being a mom, and easily the best four years of my life. Loving and learning with him has changed everything. We’re also enteringContinue reading “Birthdays & Growing Up”


I’m excited to reveal the new look for Soul Strings! My husband helped create the logo (and when you have a graphic designer at your disposal, you take advantage of that). I wanted something new and fresh, a revitalization of sorts. Life has changed so much recently that I felt I needed something fresh toContinue reading “Revitalized”