Two Years, Seven Months

I was making soup while I cried. My boys were running around behind me, my husband working steadily on his work, and I wanted to throw the pan across the kitchen. “Why does this always happen to us?” I asked. I concentrated on the butter as it melted in the pan, disappearing into a yellow puddle. In my fury, I willed myself to concentrate on … Continue reading Two Years, Seven Months

New Chairs

I used to play a lot of soccer back in my day. And by that, I mean I played soccer pretty seriously in middle school. I wasn’t too bad, you know, not exactly the star player by any means. But I really loved it. I planned to play throughout high school, too, but I gave up on that soon after I began summer training the summer before my freshman year of high school. I remember my dad sitting me down and talking to me about quitting, that I shouldn’t just quit something “just because”. Which makes sense, you know? He cared and still cares a lot about my well-being, something that I am grateful for a tenfold. Continue reading “New Chairs”