Girl, Listen

The past couple of months have been real. Not that my life is make-believe, but my days have felt meaningful. Sometimes I get sidetracked by my kids or whatever spot on my carpet I need to clean, but recently, I feel the sparks of purpose and value. It’s been wholesome. Enlightening. I think back onContinue reading “Girl, Listen”

Applicable in the Kingdom: My Three Roadblocks

“GIRLS – You wouldn’t have been given these passions if they weren’t applicable in the KINGDOM.” – Esther Houston – Instagram My husband and I sat down and had a heart-to-heart the other night. I’ve been feeling sucker punches lately; reminders of how hard it seems to have a dream and wanting to pursue it.Continue reading “Applicable in the Kingdom: My Three Roadblocks”

Pep Talks

Before Evan & I got married, we took part in some pre-marital counseling with a pastor. It was an awesome experience (of what I can remember. These days, I hardly remember anything from the day before.), and I still think about the things we discussed back then. We took a personality assessment of sorts, andContinue reading “Pep Talks”