Run, Girl

“Stay in your lane.” My friend and I have a thing. We’re always telling each other, “I love running in my lane next to you,” because more often than not, we are always running towards similar, God-driven goals, surrounded by our families, both made up of three boys a piece. Running next to someone whoContinue reading “Run, Girl”

Rally: The Longing for Connection

Nine years ago I sat among my peers talking about life. Our youth group met in our youth pastor’s home, so we were gathered in a circle in their living room. We were talking about seasons of life, and I knew that I needed to share. My pounding heart and twisted gut prompted me. SoContinue reading “Rally: The Longing for Connection”

Competition, Intimidation & Comparison

Do you ever find yourself looking at someone else and thinking, Man, Christianity–this whole relationship-with-God thing–looks so good on her? Outwardly, you’re trying to actually feel joy and happiness for her, because she seems to get it. But really, you’re pretty annoyed. Like, she makes it looks easy. Effortless, even. Her screw ups are probably minusculeContinue reading “Competition, Intimidation & Comparison”

With, Not Against

Last week I started reading Lysa TerKeurst’s new book,¬†Uninvited. (But I didn’t Instagram about it, so hopefully you believe me.) I’m not even finished with it, because I’m mostly doing a lot of other things (like looking at my phone rather than reading). But, what I have read? It is so good. I recommend itContinue reading “With, Not Against”

Girlfriends & Lip Kits

Last week, my best friends introduced me to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I have been a skeptic, but I have also been convinced it must be worth it because of the recommendations I had been reading online. I tried it. And I’ll probably never buy any other lipstick again, it’s that good. I’ll probablyContinue reading “Girlfriends & Lip Kits”

Kindred Souls & Cheerleaders

My sweet and wonderful friend Sara finished her book within the past week. She also finished her master’s degree, announced her third pregnancy, and celebrated her 28th birthday. If she doesn’t toot her horn, I will, cause girlfriend is fierce. I love it. Sara & I have known each other for a few years now,Continue reading “Kindred Souls & Cheerleaders”

Girl, Listen

The past couple of months have been real. Not that my life is make-believe, but my days have felt meaningful. Sometimes I get sidetracked by my kids or whatever spot on my carpet I need to clean, but recently, I feel the sparks of purpose and value. It’s been wholesome. Enlightening. I think back onContinue reading “Girl, Listen”