Run, Girl

“Stay in your lane.” My friend and I have a thing. We’re always telling each other, “I love running in my lane next to you,” because more often than not, we are always running towards similar, God-driven goals, surrounded by our families, both made up of three boys a piece. Running next to someone whoContinue reading “Run, Girl”

The Whole Body

A few weeks ago, I wrote about something that I struggle with:  community. How it matters (here), returning to it (here), and the truth of it (here). The heart of the whole “thing” of community is something my stubbornness tries to fight daily. Maybe I should consider it pride, but whatever it is, it triesContinue reading “The Whole Body”

Community: Me vs. The World

I’ve been talking about community over the past few weeks because it’s difficult for me. I had a strong community when I was younger, but once life became filled with kids and work and stress, I ignored the need for community. It’s easy to overlook. It’s difficult to return. So, I’m gonna hit on aContinue reading “Community: Me vs. The World”

Coming Back to Community

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about community; what it means, how I struggle with it, and how I want to become better at being “community minded”. But you know what’s difficult about it? Beyond the awkward stages of learning about others, being vulnerable, and being intentional, there’s a certain amount of trust thatContinue reading “Coming Back to Community”

Community: Does It Matter?

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for two and half years. It’s not exactly a luxurious job. There are lonely days, secluded days, tear-laden days. But also, joyful, wonderful, hopeful days. I’ve been reading a new blog recently that has challenged me a lot. The Tapestry is currently doing a series of 31 Days of ExploringContinue reading “Community: Does It Matter?”