Community: Me vs. The World

I’ve been talking about community over the past few weeks because it’s difficult for me. I had a strong community when I was younger, but once life became filled with kids and work and stress, I ignored the need for community. It’s easy to overlook. It’s difficult to return.

So, I’m gonna hit on a few questions, concerns, lies that I tell myself and what Truth really is. Continue reading “Community: Me vs. The World”

Try It. It’s Worth It.

This year started with some crazy ideas. One, starting a new blog (this one!) to replace my old one. I like this place I’ve made here. Two, connecting with other women. Whether it be through a discipleship/small group or just being intentional about relationships. Lately (as in, the last few years), I have  been super lame about being intentional with people, especially women. And ladies, … Continue reading Try It. It’s Worth It.