The Gospel in Her Face

Before I started writing here and digging deeper into purpose and identity, I spent a lot of time reading blogs. There were a couple that I frequented more than once a week, and I learned about these women and their families. I wanted to live the life they lived. They seemed to have a lotContinue reading “The Gospel in Her Face”


A few years ago, I remember arriving at church and sitting down in our row. We sit in the same spot every week. Familiarity is comfortable, and we often sit by the same people every week. But that week, there was a new couple that sat a few seats away from me. I remember theContinue reading “Rally”

Community: Me vs. The World

I’ve been talking about community over the past few weeks because it’s difficult for me. I had a strong community when I was younger, but once life became filled with kids and work and stress, I ignored the need for community. It’s easy to overlook. It’s difficult to return. So, I’m gonna hit on aContinue reading “Community: Me vs. The World”

Try It. It’s Worth It.

This year started with some crazy ideas. One, starting a new blog (this one!) to replace my old one. I like this place I’ve made here. Two, connecting with other women. Whether it be through a discipleship/small group or just being intentional about relationships. Lately (as in, the last few years), I have ¬†been superContinue reading “Try It. It’s Worth It.”