Being a Yoga Newbie: Questions

Hi, I’m Janelle, and I’m becoming a yogi. Remember back when I was all like, “I am not a yogi“? Times change. I know, it’s only been a month since I said that, but truth is, I’m addicted. And I love it. I’m not proficient in the practice of yoga, but doing it has changedContinue reading “Being a Yoga Newbie: Questions”

A Yoga Newbie

This week begins my third week (Or maybe the fourth, I honestly can’t remember) of doing yoga on a daily basis. I am not a yogi, and it has been ridiculously difficult getting into a healthy state of mind. I went into the outlook of good health about seven months ago, but was completely thrown offContinue reading “A Yoga Newbie”

Try It. It’s Worth It.

This year started with some crazy ideas. One, starting a new blog (this one!) to replace my old one. I like this place I’ve made here. Two, connecting with other women. Whether it be through a discipleship/small group or just being intentional about relationships. Lately (as in, the last few years), I have  been superContinue reading “Try It. It’s Worth It.”