Being a Yoga Newbie: Questions

Hi, I’m Janelle, and I’m becoming a yogi.

Remember back when I was all like, “I am not a yogi“? Times change.

I know, it’s only been a month since I said that, but truth is, I’m addicted. And I love it. I’m not proficient in the practice of yoga, but doing it has changed things for the better, you guys.

Since I posted about the beginning of my journey with yoga, I’ve received a few questions about what my “practice” looks like. First, please remember that I’m still a beginner. Second, please make your exercise fun. It changes everything.

1. Do you go to a yoga class?

Nope. Honestly, I don’t have the extra time or money to go to a yoga class outside of my home. I know that classes aren’t that expensive, but me going to a yoga class would require a babysitter, which is an added expense. I would really love to go to a class someday in the future to get that experience. Someday will come!

2. If you don’t go to a class, how do you practice yoga?

YouTube! If you want to find something on your own, just type in “yoga for beginners” and I promise something will come up. My favorite channel and blog is Yoga by Candace. Her videos are easy to follow, mellow, and range from beginner to quite challenging. Before I started practicing, I did have some experience doing a few yoga poses, so I had a little bit of a foundation. And sometimes when I’m going through a video, a pose comes up that I’m not certain how to do. But Candace is really clear with her descriptions of movements, how a pose should feel, and what parts of the body should be doing what. Another outlet recommended to me is Holy Yoga. I haven’t looked into yet, but I hope to in the coming weeks.

3. How do you have time to practice yoga with three little kids?

I spent four years not prioritizing myself. I prioritized my kids, my husband, my house, and everything else. I made up excuses for not caring for myself, excuses that ranged from, “I love dessert, so who cares?” to “There is no way this body could ever move the way it used to”. I used to think exercising meant being awake before everyone else, working out at the same time everyday, running four miles, or sweating profusely, all of which isn’t really true. I had to find what worked for me. I couldn’t consistently get up early everyday because I love sleep. So, most days after we put the boys to bed, I roll out my yoga mat and do a 30-45 minute video. The idea of doing any exercise after 8 PM seemed incredibly weird. So much Netflix to watch. But I wanted to make the choice to love myself a heck of a lot more than the TV. Occasionally I get in a sequence during nap time, but that is more of a gamble as far as being interrupted. And if I’m really desperate, I’ll do a video in the morning while my youngest naps, but again, still a gamble. Evening workouts seem to work best, at least for this time of life.

This has been such a fun journey so far. Being a beginner means that I only get better, and I love that. Learning to master poses has been difficult, but the process is rich. Plus, I can keep up with my boys much better these days. That alone is worth it.

What is your yoga journey like? Have any resources you want to share?

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Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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