Try It. It’s Worth It.

This year started with some crazy ideas.

One, starting a new blog (this one!) to replace my old one. I like this place I’ve made here.

Two, connecting with other women. Whether it be through a discipleship/small group or just being intentional about relationships. Lately (as in, the last few years), I have  been super lame about being intentional with people, especially women. And ladies, I need you all real real bad. Now that I am surrounded by boys and their boy-ness, it is essential that I get some face-to-face, talk-to-me-about-makeup, where’d-you-get-that-shirt conversation. Plus some good God-filled conversation mixed in there. But seriously, making that a goal has changed so many things about my days! My two best friends moved to different places over the last five years, and once those deep-rooted friendships weren’t right at my doorstep, I realized how rusty I was at intentionally investing in others besides the ones I was already so invested in! Try it. It’s worth it.

Three, working out. Okay, so this has been a goal for probably three years. I figured, “Hey, one more baby can’t change my body that much.” Wrong. Of course, things will never ever be the same, but that’s really not the point. Having kids is the best excuse for not caring for myself like I should, in a myriad of ways. But I read from another great blogger about how important it is for me, as a mom of boys, to be strong. Not so I can lift weights and run for 30 miles, but so that I can keep up with my boys as they run circles around our home, climb up trees, and keep me on my toes. They will be rowdy, and when that day comes, I surely don’t want to be left sitting on the couch munching on potato chips and watching. Add in the important fact that this body, which has been strong enough & capable of carrying two little boys, should be taken care of because I want to be there for them for as long as possible.

It’s about being healthy to be present. I think that’s become my own motivation over the past five months for nearly every part of life:  to realize that I cannot do for others if I don’t also do for myself. Be healthy to be present. Feed yourself to feed others. Try it. It’s worth it.


Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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