Run, Girl

“Stay in your lane.” My friend and I have a thing. We’re always telling each other, “I love running in my lane next to you,” because more often than not, we are always running towards similar, God-driven goals, surrounded by our families, both made up of three boys a piece. Running next to someone who cheers you on is the. best. But, staying in your … Continue reading Run, Girl

My Country, My Family & My Faith

When I was growing up, we attended a Catholic church close to our house. We occasionally went to mass on Sundays and would go to Hall’s afterward to have breakfast. I went to classes on Tuesday nights so that I could have my first communion, and eventually be confirmed, like my brothers. My sons are growing up rather differently. Our faith is the most important … Continue reading My Country, My Family & My Faith

What Freedom Feels Like

A few months ago, my friend & I started a women’s group called Rally. I saw it clearly in my head: the group of women gathered to connect, be seen, and find friendship with other women all for God’s glory. As I drove to Rally last night, I started praying some fierce prayers. We hadn’t met in about three weeks, and I was praying for … Continue reading What Freedom Feels Like

Girlfriends & Lip Kits

Last week, my best friends introduced me to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I have been a skeptic, but I have also been convinced it must be worth it because of the recommendations I had been reading online. I tried it. And I’ll probably never buy any other lipstick again, it’s that good. I’ll probably need to start blogging for money to keep up with … Continue reading Girlfriends & Lip Kits

Pep Talks

Before Evan & I got married, we took part in some pre-marital counseling with a pastor. It was an awesome experience (of what I can remember. These days, I hardly remember anything from the day before.), and I still think about the things we discussed back then. We took a personality assessment of sorts, and one of my favorite nuggets from it was my husband’s confidence rating. He literally was off the charts, confidence so high that the bar graph couldn’t hardly contain it. (I’m slightly exaggerating.) But, it was funny and true of the guy I married. He knows who he is, and he doesn’t have any shame. It’s a quality I admire so much in him, a confidence in his identity as a man, in his Creator, and in our marriage. When I’m unsure, I can rely on his assurance.

But, that was a little over four years ago. We were pretty naive back then, and a lot of life events throughout our marriage have changed us, mostly for the better. Evan is still certain of himself. I, however, have noticed that I struggle more than ever in knowing myself. In knowing my confidence. In knowing that the photos of me only four years ago really are of the same woman I am today. Well, actually, they aren’t. A lot of life has changed my soul. Continue reading “Pep Talks”

The Whole Body

A few weeks ago, I wrote about something that I struggle with:  community. How it matters (here), returning to it (here), and the truth of it (here). The heart of the whole “thing” of community is something my stubbornness tries to fight daily. Maybe I should consider it pride, but whatever it is, it tries to fight against the purpose of community. It’s really about letting people love you. Continue reading “The Whole Body”