Competition, Intimidation & Comparison

Do you ever find yourself looking at someone else and thinking, Man, Christianity–this whole relationship-with-God thing–looks so good on her? Outwardly, you’re trying to actually feel joy and happiness for her, because she seems to get it. But really, you’re pretty annoyed. Like, she makes it looks easy. Effortless, even. Her screw ups are probably minusculeContinue reading “Competition, Intimidation & Comparison”

Created for Eternity

Sunday night, I was sick. Horribly sick. I laid in bed and drifted in and out of the worst sleep, feeling like death. Not enough to actually die, but pretty sure that this was close enough. Yesterday I woke up feeling slightly more human, with an empty stomach and an exhausted mind. Even though myContinue reading “Created for Eternity”