Rally: The Longing for Connection

Nine years ago I sat among my peers talking about life. Our youth group met in our youth pastor’s home, so we were gathered in a circle in their living room. We were talking about seasons of life, and I knew that I needed to share. My pounding heart and twisted gut prompted me. So I sat there, among peers who I didn’t know at all, dishing out my story.

It was a long time, a lifetime ago, even. I’ll never forget it because it was a turning point in my life. My vulnerability gave others the permission to do the same, and we connected in a way that I have never connected with anyone before.

Last night I sat among my peers, women like me in some way or another, and spoke life into each other. We called each other up: the act of telling each other the great things we see in one another. It was awkward and funny, but I instantly was brought back to the moment in my life nine years ago that changed me forever. And I saw the eternal value of this thing He’s created in Rally.

We started Rally, and I didn’t realize it would bring out a longing in me that I forgot I had. I longed for the connection I experienced when I was in high school, sitting in circles with my peers, discussing life. Marriage, kids, work, and responsibilities became my most important duties once adulthood hit, and I forgot just how much I loved talking with other people.

We created Rally for everyone else, to get connected to other women, and to know that we are all valuable in the Church. We want to bridge the gap so that we aren’t all so disconnected. We wanted these women to know each other as more than just Facebook friends or Instagram followers.

Ladies, I didn’t know how much I needed you all, too. Being part of a group of women who can talk about God and who He is to us and laugh the entire time? It doesn’t get better.

I’m rallying women, and I want all of those women to begin to rally others, too. We call this thing Rally because it’s  a call to action. We’re not just meeting to dish out what our weeks are holding. We’re meeting to call each other up, to remind each other that we’re in this together, and to be a safe place for everyone to come, drink coffee, and enjoy a small and laughter-filled disruption in our daily life.

If you’re reading this, and you need the connection like I need it too, please come. We’re not all dolled up. We arrive just as we are, after whatever kind of day we’ve had, and we dig into life together.

Plant your feet here with us, sister. We want you here.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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