Pregnancy Update: Servanthood

This weekend was not the best one. I spent an uncomfortable amount of it sick, while Evan took care of me. I hope he gets special recognition in heaven for loving me so well; the past two years, he’s spent some serious time nursing me back to health through three pregnancies. My jaw drops in my mind when I think about three pregnancies in two years (one ectopic, one birth in 2013, and one birth to come this year). Praising the Lord today for the great man I married.

It’s not simple for me to allow others to serve me, especially when I’m at the mercy of stomach ailments and need someone to hold my hair while I’m keeling over a trash can. I feel guilty, as though my husband doesn’t deserve to do this for me. But he loves me well, and he would do it for me anytime I ever needed it.

This weekend, our pastor preached on exalting Jesus to His rightful place as our King, friend, servant, and the Alpha & Omega. I prayed over it today, feeling so stuck and bewildered by the thought that Jesus wants to serve me. I think of the cross and consider that enough service for eternity. How could I ask Him to serve me even more? But He would still wash my feet today. He would be next to me in my sickness & pain. And He would serve me endlessly, without hesitation, whether I ask Him to or not. There’s not greater love than the love He gives me.

I have roughly 9 weeks left until Baby D 3.0 arrives, and I am so so so ready for him, to feel more normal, and to set a new routine in our home. Would you pray for me & this sweet boy as the time gets closer? For better health & patience. And for the boys already causing sweet chaos around my feet? It is not always easy to accept the kind service of others in our time of need, but I know that we will be so blessed in the coming weeks by many, something I pray I can take in stride knowing it is God blessing us through His people. These next two months will bring with it the greatest moments of our life, and I am way excited.

Photo taken February 2012 by Applewood Photography


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