The Postpartum Funk

It’s been a long four months. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have any kids, sometimes even harder to explain to those who are years outside of first having kids. I got in a funk this time after having a baby. I’ve had three babies, three totally different experiences in parenthood. For some reason, this time has left me walking in circles, harder … Continue reading The Postpartum Funk

The Story of Five

It’s shocking when the first month of your newborn baby’s life is over. It is a hard season, one that feels eternal, but is so short. And here we have a 6 week old who sleeps better than my older two ever did and nestled right into our life as though he’s always been here. He came into this world slower than I was expecting, a labor that lasted longer than any other I’ve had. But he was so perfect. And fat. 8 lb 14 oz of rolls and cheeks. Our Finn.  Continue reading “The Story of Five”

A Letter to the Boys

My boys. My sweet, silly boys. I can’t believe that you’ll both be big brothers within the next couple of weeks, that you’ll be required to grow up even more as our family changes. I feel bad about that some days, that at such a young age, I’ll already require so much of you. But know that I can’t do it without you. Your helpful hands and silly antics remind me of my deepest need:  I don’t have to be alone & the joy of your help is real & desired.  Continue reading “A Letter to the Boys”

What a Mom Wants

I’m preaching to myself today as much as anyone else. This week has been rough, despite the great celebrations of my son’s first birthday and the discovery of a third boy entering our family soon. But guys, let’s be real, the devil never rests, so I’m speaking Truth a little louder for you & for myself.

I will become a mom of three boys in March. Three boys. Three. I am coaching myself through it, feeling relieved that although a girl would’ve been amazing, I can now breathe a little easier knowing I have done this two times already.

But before I step out into the confidence that I wish I could say I felt, I am sinking deeper into doubt. Parenting is rough. Being a mom is a servant’s job some days, other days the most rewarding experience of all. At the sound of the “I love you’s” and the sweet slobbery kisses, I know I am loved. But I also know that I am tired, I am on my knees, and I am praying for grace over and over and over. Continue reading “What a Mom Wants”