I came across a photo on Instagram with the caption, “The delay does not mean that He will not make mountains move.”

I wouldn’t consider this moment in time as a delay. It feels more like an inconvenient time wrapped up in a trying of patience. It feels like waiting is a tortuous game, patience is a taunt.

But the delay does not mean that he will not make mountains move. Do you believe that?

Do you know who bought you? And do you know at what cost?

I know the answers. They’re easy, Sunday school echoes. “Jesus!” Yes! Jesus! But do you get excited when you say those words? Jesus bought me. Jesus gave His life. And I think on that, and I don’t see the magnitude. I see a God who is outside of time and space and beyond physical comprehension, and it doesn’t seem that crazy. I’m not rocked to my soul.

My terms of bought and sold are tainted by this world and the dollars we created. I am consumed often by my anxiety brought on by money. So when I’m asked, “Do you know who bought you & at what cost?” my thoughts are clouded by the dollar amount comparisons and how I can’t put a price on my Savior’s head. His death was priceless.

The delay does not mean that He will not make mountains move.

At the foot of cross, where I find myself resting today, I am pushing off of my back this heavy sack of weighted concerns. Our future is not certain, and I hate that. I hate that everything feels insanely dependent on money in this life. And I hate that it can create a cynicism in me that turns me away from my Creator.

The only truth I know is Christ. And I know that the delay does not mean that He will not make mountains move.

Do you know who bought you? It wasn’t a bargain. He gained nothing on this earth by being nailed to wood and hanged to die. There wasn’t a dollar amount placed on Christ.

But He bought you anyways.

And what was the cost? His precious life. A life that would never be replicated in another man, a life perfect because He was fully man and fully God. The cost is worth more than every penny that slips through your feeble fingers. And some days, I can’t wrap my human mind around it; a cost so great that no amount of money will ever, ever match it. Never.

In this clouded world chalk full of questions and fear, full of money and money and money, I find myself unimpressed with my matchless Creator, my mighty King, my slaughtered Savior. Because I am oh so human, so in need of a Savior to rescue my clouded mind and cleanse my shattering logic.

The delay does not mean He will not make mountains move.

This moment in our time does not mean that God is not God. Our concept of price and money proves that what Christ did for us cannot be bought with our riches.

Do you know who bought you? Do you know at what cost? Because that knowledge is what saves us. Jesus bought you. And the cost was more than you’ll ever be able to pay.

He makes mountains move. He can do anything in our poverty and in our riches. He can redeem us at any moment because there is nothing we can do to push Him away.

He moves mountains out of His crazy, deep, wide love for us, His hope for us, and His longing for us to be in glory.

The delay is a good a time as any to praise, to behold, and to glorify.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

2 thoughts on “Bought

  1. “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” Isaiah 61:7

    The first time I read the verse above was the morning before I had my first ultrasound. I freaked thinking I was having twins. By God’s grace, it wasn’t twins (God knows our limits). As I read your blog today I couldn’t help but relate. Everything in this life seems to involve money, and when you don’t have it, it’s frustrating.

    This Christmas I wanted to buy a simple ornament that I could put a picture in of Beckett. It was his first Christmas so I thought a picture ornament would be important. I found one, but it was a cost we couldn’t afford. A simple thing, I had to put back on the self. It wasn’t devastating but it stung a little. God will we always be in this place, where every dollar counts?

    And guess what Miss Sara got on Christmas? Not one, but two ornaments I could put a picture in. I hadn’t told anyone about my desire for one. But God knew, and he provided a double portion for me.

    Thank you for your words today, pretty Janelle.

    1. God always shows up at the perfect time, you know? In His time, not ours. Yesterday God came through for us after waiting for a few weeks, and I had written this post originally in my frustration and longing for earthly desires to dissipate. But then He came through, providing way beyond what I had hoped, and I couldn’t not share this. I get so easily filled with doubt & my soul longs for the time when the things of this world will fade. Thanks for sharing Sara. 🙂 I love your heart!

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