3 Things To Do When Things Get Weird

I don’t mean weird, like, ew. I mean weird, like, this is real life?

I keep looking at Evan and saying, “This is just weird. Weird. Like, what? I am a writer for real now? Wake me up soon, I guess?!” But, not dreaming here folks. This is real life. I get to write here on my blog all the time, and it’s just recently become less of the weirdest thing ever. I used to think it was so odd when someone said, “Read your blog today!” I’d mostly want to say, Oh, really! But why? Because I thought no one cared. And then I decided to care and invest and here we are. Blogger Janelle.

This list might be a little stupid/silly, but it’s Friday, I’m feeling it, and you’re reading it, aren’t you? You’ll have to tell me you read this and make me feel a little weird.

1. When things get weird, acknowledge it. Like I said, I keep telling my husband that this feels weird. But it only truly feels weird because I’ve never been this before. I’ve never been the blogger. I didn’t think I had it in me to be a writer for real. Jumping into it has felt like a constant Pinch and remind me this is real moment. I see you, weirdness. I am grateful you exist.

2. When it feels weird to be in a place you thought was a long way off, smile big and give glory to God. He does mighty things. He did something crazy when He created me, invested in me with every breath I take, and sent me forth to do work for Him. He delivers. I thought that I wouldn’t be here. And when I arrived, it felt weird, like Why am I here, amongst these people? God makes a way. He makes it all good.

3. When it’s weird to think that at one point you weren’t here and that your dreams were just dreams and not reality, be humble. Know Who brings us through it all. Thank Him for the weird chaos of it, and His ability to lift us up higher than we can see. He does that. Only God. And when it feels weird one day to think that we were once at a different place in life, I think we gotta turn our face up to the heavens and let His light shine on us. It means He needed us for another day right here. It means He is giving us opportunities because He knows we are able.

It gets and feels weird to “arrive”, but it’s not really even that. It’s knowing that the Holy Spirit is guiding in a way that makes it simpler to get my paths straight to the King. Every ounce of living I do is an act of worship to Him. That’s how I know this is right where He needs me. The simplicity of all of it, including the weird, makes the glory of it easy to see.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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