The Fight to Believe the God Who Loves

They say your bedroom should be a place set aside, a place uncluttered, so that when we lay down to sleep, we aren’t distracted by work, to-do lists, people. We can rest. My life is not a perfect world, so more often than not, the sanctuary of rest that is called my bedroom is notContinue reading “The Fight to Believe the God Who Loves”

My Praises & Hallelujahs

Before I begin, I want to shed some dead skin. This year, I bought PowerSheets for the first time. I was so excited. And then I got pregnant, and I lost every motivation to keep them updated. The guilt was fierce. An investment I had made in myself last November was now sitting, collecting dust.Continue reading “My Praises & Hallelujahs”

Stillness in a Small World

February 2017 began an immense moment of stillness in my life. I don’t know about you all, but social media hit a sore spot for me this year. I stopped liking it so much when I witnessed a lot of people abusing the power of their own opinion. I liked it more when it felt likeContinue reading “Stillness in a Small World”

Run, Girl

“Stay in your lane.” My friend and I have a thing. We’re always telling each other, “I love running in my lane next to you,” because more often than not, we are always running towards similar, God-driven goals, surrounded by our families, both made up of three boys a piece. Running next to someone whoContinue reading “Run, Girl”

How Obedience Began to Change My Life

A few months ago I sat with a bunch of women at Bible study thinking about what God was telling me. Those months in the fall taught me so much about God and the way He works. You know what God asked me to do? He asked me to read the Bible twice a day,Continue reading “How Obedience Began to Change My Life”

Unfiltered Talks with the Lord

I gave up my filter this week. Sometimes prayer works that way. Instead of praying what I really feel, I give sweet, filtered, mild words to the Lord. I don’t get mouthy. I get ashamed. It’s how I am. I am an even-keel person. I like evenness. I like knowing that everyone likes each other, andContinue reading “Unfiltered Talks with the Lord”

Contrary to Popular Belief

There was one summer when I was teenager when I loved roller coasters. It was on a trip to Holiday World to Santa Claus, Indiana when I rode roller coasters more in two days than I ever will for the rest of my life. I even rode with no hands because that’s the kind ofContinue reading “Contrary to Popular Belief”