Diary of a Wife: Greater Than Conflict

Before I got married, I didn’t handle conflict that well. I loved to keep everything on an even keel, and even pretend like it was when it wasn’t. I also didn’t handle confrontation very well. I had a tendency to cry a lot when I was called out on my faults, and bringing up issues with someone else was almost like pulling teeth. Uncomfortable and … Continue reading Diary of a Wife: Greater Than Conflict

4 Ways to Love Better

Today, my number one turns 25. Hold on, let’s look back for just a moment.. SUCH BABIES! But absolutely smitten. I’m celebrating this guy today, and if he’s taught me anything (and really, he’s one of the smartest people I know. I learn new things everyday.) it’s how to love well. I thought I’d compile a short list of what Evan has taught me over … Continue reading 4 Ways to Love Better

Diary of a Wife

This photo is of Evan & I, almost four years ago, on our wedding day. 20-year-old babies. 


Marriage is a great and glorious mystery. It’s one of those “feel it in your bones” kind of things; a happening in life that changes every course forever, that alters our behavior, and can bring us into an even holier place with Christ. It’s not the thing in life. People don’t marry, and they still have that holier than holy place with Christ. It’s not an end-all. But for me, in this life, it has changed everything.

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