The Weird & The Wonderful

When I started this blog two years ago, I had a little tiny idea in my head. I had two little boys to take care of, and I needed a place where the words swirling in my soul could escape. I could type faster than I could journal on paper, so I chose to writeContinue reading “The Weird & The Wonderful”

Little Old Me

I wrote an essay my junior year of high school that changed my life. I wouldn’t say it’s the most profound thing I’ve ever written, but the review I got from a college essay critic changed everything about me. They wrote something like, “I have been a teacher for so-and-so years, and I have neverContinue reading “Little Old Me”

Twenty-five and Burned

Purpose doesn’t go to work; it goes to love.  I turn 25 this year. Still young, only halfway through my twenties. Somehow I’ve managed to jam a whole lot of life in a few short years, making my twenties feel incredibly longer than they have been. It leaves me feeling burned out. Doubtful. Questioning. Exhausted.Continue reading “Twenty-five and Burned”