Dreaming & Living: New Beginnings

Every good, every joy, every peace comes from the Lord. And at every hardship, challenge, & doubtful moment, nothing separates us from Christ.

Here we are, friends. I’m stepping out today following this little weird dream I have that appears over & over in my soul. You may notice a few changes around here that I can so greatly accredit to my husband, who so wonderfully designed this logo for my crazy dream. I am way excited about this!

So what is this about? What’s so special about putting a logo on a blog that’s by me? Or any blog, for that matter? What is so special about this?

Nothing, really. But this is, however, me stepping out into grace and choosing to live there. Blogging is weird sometimes. There are a million techniques & tips for becoming even greater at it, acquiring followers, earning money, being “famous” among other bloggers. I’m nobody special. I’m not here to earn money or become popular. I’m here because of Jesus.

I know, I’m getting even crazier here, but God has a funny way of doing things. Part of doing this, of making this a little fancier, of being vulnerable in the best way I know how, includes falling into step with Jesus and falling into grace knowing that this is where I belong. We may think some days that we belong here, on this earth, that we were meant to invest in cars & homes, make a name for ourselves, & live life full and well with the intent of being happy. We define grace as a place we fall into when we mess up, a period of time when we can dust ourselves off and jump back on the saddle soon enough. But that’s not what this is about.

This is about recognizing & flourishing in grace, living there because it is the only place I belong, and living out these crazy dreams & hopes with my Creator, who so lovingly placed them right in my being. What is it to live, really, if the only concern we have is how much money we have? Or the things we have? Or the happiness any of these things bring? Isn’t it truly to live when joy is present & prominent within us because we step out and treasure the grace we are given, day in & day out? Not just for the moment. Not just in our mess-ups. But in our every second of breathing & being.

I’m Janelle, and I am soaked in the redemption & grace of Jesus. This place is about living in grace, dreaming wild things, and knowing that hope is abundant. Welcome to Soul Strings.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming & Living: New Beginnings

      1. Yeah! It’s fun. It started off really statistical and technical as I need to establish a base of credibility and write some posts I could refer to throughout. But to get an idea for what I hope the blog will be, check out today’s post on Bibliotheca.

        I’ll be keeping up with yours!

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