To Be A Woman

To you, there is no limit. Not because you have it all, or because you have nothing to lose. There is a boundless opportunity to seize greatness because the Greatest loves you.

Before stepping out in faith, step into the woman your Creator calls you to. He knows your name. And He calls you by it, demanding you to look up. Ignore wondering what is to the right or to the left. Keep your eyes on Him. See Him? He isn’t ignoring you.

You want to be a woman who fights. Not because there is a war to be won; you already know the battle is over, victory is in Him, freedom is where He is. You want to be a woman who fights the tug of the world to be more than you ought. What you do here holds no value if the King’s name isn’t written on it. What arrives at your feet is not unknown to Him, for all things pass through His hands. What you say here holds the heavy weight of the name of Jesus, so say it well, and say it brave. Eyes up. See Him? He isn’t ignoring you.

You want to be a woman who champions other women. If you want feminism, that’s it. If you want to fight for your fellow woman, love her. If you think men are the enemy, turn back and start to love yourself. Humanity can be cruel, but the Enemy, the one who wants to tug you back to this earth and keep your eyes down, he’s the one you should hate. Don’t hate the people who are consumed by him.

You want to be yourself. And you are enough. You are not too much. You don’t have too much. You don’t laugh too loudly. You are not “too” anything. The King made you, and child, He is impressed with you. He loves to hear your voice. Your laugh, so good. Your drive, so worthy. He wants you just as you are, not as a woman who only wants to muffle the courage, strength, and dignity she’s got.

Eyes up. He hasn’t taken His eyes off of you.

There is no limit. The Greatest of them all loves you. Greatness is ahead of you, because He says so. Don’t be fooled into thinking greatness means happiness. Be convinced greatness means holiness.

Eyes up. You can, and you will.

Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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