Find Wondrous Things: Giveaway!

My first Bible was a teen Bible with my name engraved on the front in rainbow lettering. It was bought by a friend’s family the week after I accepted Christ. I bought a set of Bible tabs because I didn’t know where any books of the Bible were. I remember reading it with a craving, but not fully understand what most of it meant. I underlined often and read to feel close to God, because I didn’t know much else. At twelve, I found Him. That’s what mattered.

I used to feel self-conscious about my Bible tabs, as though as a Christian, I should know where every book is. (I still don’t. Bible tabs forever.) For the past eight years I’ve used the same study Bible, which has slowly deteriorated to the point of no return. There’s a lot of tape everywhere. So I recently bought a new Bible from Half Price Books that is inscribed to a newly married couple. The couple must’ve never used it, didn’t need it, didn’t stay together? (let’s hope that’s not the case), but now it’s mine. So thanks TJ and Kasey for your Bible, whoever you are.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been following my friend Lindsee on Instagram. We met in a Thrive Moms online group, and after the group fizzled out, we stayed “mutual followers” (is that a thing?). Since then, I’ve watched as her Etsy shop Find Wondrous Things has taken off and looked on with heart eyes at her beautiful Bible tabs. I love tabs, post it notes, markings, highlighting, and underlining in my Bible. It feels like the overflow of my heart and relationship with God manifested in the pages. So naturally, asking to give away these tabs and using them for myself had to happen.


Just LOOK at these beauties! I’m giving away a set of the Gold Trend Bible tabs.


The winner is @maddiefour from Instagram. Yay Maddie!

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Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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