Motherhood: Requirements for Holiness

I used to have an internal dialogue that would make my head ache and my heart hurt. I would look at my life and say to myself, Well, this is good enough. Not ideal. I’m just a mom. But I’ll be better for Jesus when I have the time, when I can be the version ofContinue reading “Motherhood: Requirements for Holiness”

Notes on Motherhood

I am super exhausted from this presidential election. Amen? I hop on Facebook for a planned 5 minutes and end up spending 20 reading all the posts, updates, articles, fights. It makes my soul feel like it weighs a thousand pounds. It’s too much for me. Compassion and empathy run deep in my bones, andContinue reading “Notes on Motherhood”

Let It Be Quiet

The rain fell after a hot day. The sun broke through the clouds ever so slightly, the leaves acting as curtains as the sun peeked between them. The rain fell in heavy drops, hitting the pavement, sinking into soil and seeping into roots everywhere. We hadn’t received rain in weeks, and the ground was aching.Continue reading “Let It Be Quiet”

Notes on Being a Mom Today

I know you all love a good post about parenting, raising boys, and “tips” that I can throw at you. But today, I just want to note the parenting of late. This week, my oldest had his first day of school. When I arrived to pick him up, I saw him sitting his seat, payingContinue reading “Notes on Being a Mom Today”

Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s

This post originally appeared on my friend Chris’ blog Millenial Evangelical back in June 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in our small bathroom in our one bedroom apartment in the early hours of July 4th. We had been married for three months, living blissfully with all of our secondhandContinue reading “Three Joys of Three Boys:  Parenthood in My Early 20s”

First Day of School

This week, it happens. The first day of school thing. I’ve been excited for my son for weeks, up until last week when it became real, and we got to see his class. Part of me wanted to run with him and his little brother out the door. The other part of me committed immediatelyContinue reading “First Day of School”