Composure or Lack Thereof

A few weeks ago, I had reached a point where I was frankly overwhelmed. If you’re like me, you need plans. Routine. Lists make things easier, consistency is the highlight of my week, scheduled appointments, meetings and get togethers are always met and fulfilled. I realized because we have welcomed a season of a lot of doing, I needed to stay organized. So I have … Continue reading Composure or Lack Thereof

Soul Strings: When Everything Points to Christ

If you’ve been here before, or long enough, you’ve read why I call this blog Soul Strings. And if you don’t know, I’ll fill you in. When I first named this site Soul Strings, I didn’t have much of an inspiration or reason. It was just a string (play on words intended!) of words I put together that sounded fitting. I didn’t put much thought … Continue reading Soul Strings: When Everything Points to Christ

Grace & Glory

The past two days, I have been sick with a cold. It’s my body’s “welcome to pregnancy!” party that has happened, so far, with every pregnancy I’ve had. Rather than spending my weekend engaging with my boys, I’ve spent it watching them from the couch or resting in bed.

There will be glory.

We have been on the journey of small business for almost two months now. Not everyday is a great one. More often than not, I find myself crying in my husband’s office because of all the worries of this path we have chosen. It is new, and it is not exactly paved.

There will be glory. Continue reading “Grace & Glory”