He Provides

There comes a moment in our walk with the Lord when the glory, the joy, the anticipated promises arrive. Long-awaited hopes are satisfied. Tear-laden cries for help are answered. The moment that the promise blooms, I promise you, it makes every bit of struggle, hardship, and questioning worth it.

I have been clouded recently, exhausted by my first trimester surge of hormones and two little boys running and running and running. My Bible, left unopened, no journaling, more sleeping. So I rested. I quieted. I didn’t spend lengthy times of meditation praying for this or that, let alone worrying about the clients my husband didn’t have or the income that wasn’t there. It was peaceful, uneventful. It almost seemed like the calm before a beautiful, perfect rain.

This business, this job, this path brings Jesus into my vision. It doesn’t discredit anything else in our life before this, but rather affirms what our Almighty had planned for us.

There came a moment in the past few weeks where I saw this for what it was. I realized that money was dwindling quickly, that what needed to be there within the next few weeks certainly wasn’t. And there wasn’t the promise of a client. I felt the panic rise from the pit in my stomach, but I heard the promise again. “I will provide. I will provide. I will provide.” So I let go. I spent a week laying on the couch with my boys, ignoring my human instinct to plan & plan until my brain was numb, and wait on the Lord. I waited for Him.

And it was like rain. The kind that drenches the leaves and soaks the ground after it has been dry for too long. The kind that revives the wilting flowers and greens the lackluster grass. Clients came. In crazy ways. From out of no where. People my husband knew, people who knew his talent, they came. He will provide. He will provide. He will provide.

This is the moment. The glory, the joy, the promises. Part of me wishes it were a bigger downpour. But God sure as heck doesn’t want me to see it as that. This is His glory, and He has come through for us. Long-awaited hopes. Tear-laden cries. He holds every drop in His hand. He provides.

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Published by Janelle Delagrange

Wife to a graphic designer, mom to three young boys, and writer of the soul.

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