The Gospel in Her Face

Before I started writing here and digging deeper into purpose and identity, I spent a lot of time reading blogs. There were a couple that I frequented more than once a week, and I learned about these women and their families. I wanted to live the life they lived. They seemed to have a lotContinue reading “The Gospel in Her Face”

Retail Therapy & Misplaced Joy

As a fifteen year old, I had a collection of handbags and purses. I bought them all the time, as though “collecting” were the only appropriate way to shop. I had too many to count, and I was rather proud of it. I have always loved shopping. It’s on of my favorite past times. (IContinue reading “Retail Therapy & Misplaced Joy”

Motherhood: Requirements for Holiness

I used to have an internal dialogue that would make my head ache and my heart hurt. I would look at my life and say to myself, Well, this is good enough. Not ideal. I’m just a mom. But I’ll be better for Jesus when I have the time, when I can be the version ofContinue reading “Motherhood: Requirements for Holiness”

Rally: Real Talk

Yesterday was a leap of faith. Today, I just want to talk real talk. All day yesterday, I felt like I had consumed five cups of coffee. Releasing Rally into the world felt too dang uncomfortable for my liking. We’ve been praying about it for weeks. I already know what God will do if we’reContinue reading “Rally: Real Talk”


A few years ago, I remember arriving at church and sitting down in our row. We sit in the same spot every week. Familiarity is comfortable, and we often sit by the same people every week. But that week, there was a new couple that sat a few seats away from me. I remember theContinue reading “Rally”

My List of Fears, Risks & Difficulties

If someone asks me to gamble or to take a risk, I will say no. I would be a boring contestant on Jeopardy. I would never risk more than I needed to on a Daily Double. Poker stresses me out. I have a growing list in my head that I add to subconsciously. It’s all theContinue reading “My List of Fears, Risks & Difficulties”

Constant Transformation

But you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the Lord will go before you, the God of Isreal will be your rear guard. Isaiah 52:12 Over the summer, God started doing a work in me. For years, I spent time in the Word, but never pushed myself more than I hadContinue reading “Constant Transformation”