From a Mother of Four

That’s me. Four babies. One in heaven, one in my belly, and two playing at my feet. Four.

Since being pregnant (aka, recently), I immediately noticed that this pregnancy would be different from all the rest. With one and then two, people are ready to jump on the bandwagon of congratulations. They share excitement with you that makes you realize that this is great! This is exciting! But with this one, this baby who will be 17 months younger than Asa who is 9 months old, it’s more like, “You do know how this happens right?” “Don’t you two do anything else?” “Did you mean for this to happen?” “Are you done after this?” “Wow that’s a lot of kids!” And I do get it, because people almost always mean well. They don’t know what else to say, they want to make light of a situation, they think it’s funny. And I’m not offended, nor is it hurtful to me. It always comes from a loving place. So hear me when I say, I am not upset. I just want to point to Jesus. Not ruffle some feathers. Continue reading “From a Mother of Four”