From Momma to You

Boys, this summer has been a good one. You won’t remember it much, if at all, but trust me when I say that it has been one of the greatest beginnings for us. Your daddy & I are big dreamers. You boys probably didn’t know that. You probably thought we were always boring duds that don’t know exactly what cool is, but believe me when I say that we (or maybe mostly I) like to think in terms of life-changing rather than just the mundane. Continue reading “From Momma to You”

Playing God

  I love this kid. He is my child, through and through. He is very much an introvert, just like me. When he’s around the right people, his personality explodes, and he is the sweetest, silliest, and funniest little boy I know. He’s currently going through a phase where he’s constantly asking, “Mommy, hold you?” (which means “Mommy, hold me!”). He needs me for most … Continue reading Playing God