The Narrow Way

You will know that I am leading you by the narrowness of the way. “I Control the Winds,” Come Away My Beloved I don’t like to think that I am alone. I don’t like to consider that some paths bring fewer visitors, some paths are desolate, the road less traveled. I am uncomfortable in placesContinue reading “The Narrow Way”

From a Mother of Four

That’s me. Four babies. One in heaven, one in my belly, and two playing at my feet. Four. Since being pregnant (aka, recently), I immediately noticed that this pregnancy would be different from all the rest. With one and then two, people are ready to jump on the bandwagon of congratulations. They share excitement withContinue reading “From a Mother of Four”

Grace & Glory

The past two days, I have been sick with a cold. It’s my body’s “welcome to pregnancy!” party that has happened, so far, with every pregnancy I’ve had. Rather than spending my weekend engaging with my boys, I’ve spent it watching them from the couch or resting in bed. There will be glory. We have beenContinue reading “Grace & Glory”

Living in Grace: Joy

I can’t believe that it’s only Tuesday with the amount of unfortunate circumstances that have hit us in the face already this week. Being homeowners, parents, adults, and newly-named business owners all at once has been the biggest trial of our life thus far. We are trying to swim, but some days really do justContinue reading “Living in Grace: Joy”